Game Token: GST (Green Satoshi Token)

Governance Token: GMT (Green Metaverse Token)

For GMT token distribution and vesting schedule, please visit

What is GMT?

GMT is the native token of the FSL Ecosystem, with a fixed supply of 6 billion tokens. GMT are well used in all FSL ecosystem products to be burned, used and staked to unlock various functions and perks.

NOTE Please send your tokens/NFTs to and from your own, decentralized wallet only. Please DO NOT SEND ANY ASSETS DIRECTLY to any of our internal wallets (such as STEPNwUmvdCWRm4yzH4rtCuPUeKuEapFvFKHKteiGH5, etc.) as we cannot retrieve any tokens/assets sent directly to these wallets.

FSL will not be held liable for any assets transferred directly into our internal wallet addresses.


Supply and Earning

GST has an unlimited supply and is earned when a user moves in Solo or Background Mode.

Following are the contract and bridge address:

GST (SPL) Contract address: AFbX8oGjGpmVFywbVouvhQSRmiW2aR1mohfahi4Y2AdB

GST (BEP20) Contract address: 0x4a2c860cEC6471b9F5F5a336eB4F38bb21683c98

GST (ERC20) Contract address: 0x473037de59cf9484632f4A27B509CFE8d4a31404

Binance Bridge:

BNB Chain:0xb310f03758f5222b5b1bb59b7d997f0e77327d04

Solana Chain:B1YT25taioVePS81piB5fnJ8inkGfYsQhHsPP1CMCnRS

GST Burning Mechanics (Destroying)

The GST is burned by:

  1. Shoe-Minting

  2. Repair and restore HP

  3. Levelling up Sneakers

  4. Gems upgrade

  5. Unlocking Socket

  6. Opening Mystery Box

  7. Sneaker Enhancement

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