Sneaker Types

Sneaker Types

There are four Sneaker types, for various exercise intensities and fitness levels:

NameOptimal Speed (km/hr)Example Return at Optimal Speed


1 - 6

4 GST / 1 Energy spent


4 - 10

5 GST / 1 Energy spent


8 - 20

6 GST / 1 Energy spent


1 - 20

4 - 6.25 GST / 1 Energy spent

Factors affecting GST returns include Sneaker Efficiency, GPS signal, and randomisation.

Sneaker Levels

Users can level up their Sneakers by burning GST, with GMT being required at certain milestones. Each level-up takes a predetermined time, increasing with the Sneaker's level, as well as the amount of GST and GMT needed. Accelerating this process is possible by burning additional GST.

GMT is required for levelling-up a Sneaker to Level 5, 10, 20, 29 and 30.

Upon levelling, users gain 4 - 12 additional Attribute points to assign according to their Sneaker quality.

QualityAttribute Point/Level up











Reaching certain levels unlocks additional features:

MilestoneTriggered Event

Level 5

Unlocks Socket 1

Level 5

Unlocks Shoe-minting

Level 10

Unlocks Socket 2

Level 15

Unlocks Socket 3

Level 20

Unlocks Socket 4

Level 25

Restore HP to full

Level 30

Unlocks GMT earning

At the maximum level, users must opt between earning GST or GMT, with the ability to switch between the two.

Sneaker Attributes

  1. Efficiency (GST Earning): A higher Efficiency Attribute leads to better GST earnings per Energy spent.

  2. Luck (Mystery Box): Luck determines the frequency and quality of Mystery Box drops.

  3. Comfort (GMT Earning): Comfort impacts HP decay rate and GMT earnings.

  • HP < 100%: Sneaker cannot be listed on the Marketplace or transferred.

  • HP < 20%: Sneaker won't provide Energy in that Realm.

  • HP = 0: Sneaker cannot be used.

  1. Resilience (Durability/Repair)

    Resilience affects the decay rate of Durability. Higher Resilience will result in a slower Durability decay. The higher the Sneaker's level or quality, the higher the repair cost. Durability decreases during an activity, affecting GST/GMT earnings efficiency at specific levels: 1. At 50/100 Durability, Sneaker's GST/GMT earning efficiency drops to 90% 2. At 20/100 Durability, Sneaker's GST/GMT earning efficiency drops to 10%

NOTE: Moving above or below Optimal Speed will yield sub-optimal returns on GST/GMT and Mystery Box.

Sneaker Qualities

There are five Sneaker Qualities. When a Sneaker is minted, its Attributes are randomly determined within minimum and maximum values, leading to diverse distributions even within the same quality category.

QualityMin. AttributeMax. Attribute
















Note: Legendary Sneakers are not yet available on STEPN.

Rainbow Sneakers

Rainbow Sneakers exclusively earn GMT.

All Rainbow Sneakers are Trainers (1-20km/hr). Similar to Common Sneakers, Rainbow Sneakers contribute to the user's total Energy (<20% HP will cease to provide Energy).

Unlike other Sneakers, Rainbow Sneakers do not possess Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, or Resilience Attributes. They start with a full 100% HP, which is not restorable and decreases with Energy usage. A Rainbow Sneaker becomes incapable of earning GMT once its HP reaches zero.

Each Rainbow Sneaker is equipped with four slots for Rainbow Gems. However, removing these Gems results in their destruction.

The Rainbow Sneaker does not have Minting Function, nor Level up, or Repair. Rainbow Sneaker can only be sold or transferred when the HP is 100%. Rainbow Sneakers cannot be used in Sneaker Enhancement, and can’t drop Mystery Boxes.

Rainbow Sneakers only have two attributes, Rainbow Power and HP.

How to Receive a Rainbow Sneaker

Through Enhancement, currently only Common and Uncommon Sneaker Enhancements have a chance to result in a Rainbow Sneaker. The chance of an Uncommon Sneaker Enhancement to receive a rainbow is 5 times higher than that of a Common Sneaker.

Rainbow Power

  • Higher Rainbow Power results in higher GMT earning efficiency.

  • Only Rainbow Gems can increase Rainbow Power further.

HP Every 20% reduction in HP results in a proportional reduction in the total Rainbow Power (Sneaker + Gem):

  • HP ≧ 80% = 100% Rainbow Power

  • 60% < HP < 79% = 80% Rainbow Power

  • 40% < HP < 59% = 60% Rainbow Power

  • 20% < HP < 39% = 40% Rainbow Power

  • 0% < HP < 19% = 20% Rainbow Power

  • HP = 0% = 0% Rainbow Power

Minimum Energy

The Rainbow Sneaker has a minimum Energy consumption requirement of 6. Using the Rainbow Sneaker with less than 6 Energy will lead to an HP reduction as if 6 Energy were consumed.

Genesis Sneaker

Genesis Sneakers have IDs starting with a "G", followed by a number between 1 to 20,000, meaning that they have a limited supply. Genesis Sneakers may be found across different STEPN Realms.

OG Sneakers

OG Sneakers are distinct from Genesis Sneakers. Unlike Genesis Sneakers, OG Sneakers lack the "G" prefix, and are allocated with specific number ranges between 20,001 and 60,000.

Special Sneaker Skins

Special Sneaker Skins, obtainable through Enhancement and Marketing events, are categorised into two types:

Temporary Skins

  • ASICS 1&2

  • Atletico Madrid

  • HypeSaints

  • World Cup event

  • Xmas + NY: Letters, Socks, Sneakers

Permanent Skins

  • Masherano

  • Panda

  • SAC_2045

  • DeGods

  • The Whales

  • DRiP

  • Own The Doge

  • SunFlowerLand


  • TrickOrSneak

  • Steve Aoki

  • The Heist

  • Solflare


  • Helio

  • Valentine’s Day

All the skins listed in the Temporary Skins list above are NOT permanent skins.

Temporary Skins are lost when the Sneakers are used for further Enhancement.

Permanent Skins remain with the Sneaker even through enhancement. If two permanent Skins are used within the same Enhancement, the Skin on the Sneaker with the lowest ID number remains.

Co-branded Sneakers

STEPN collaborates with leading Sneaker brands, famous IPs, iconic Web 3 collections and more to introduce co-branded Sneakers, detailed further:

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