GST Earning

In STEPN, users are equipped with NFT Sneakers to earn tokens by moving. Users can earn both GST and GMT, depending on their strategy.

GST/GMT earnings per minute depend on four main factors:

  1. Type of Sneaker - Base GST earnings vary by Sneaker. Refer to the Sneaker Attributes section for a breakdown of each type

  2. Sneaker’s Efficiency Attribute - Higher Efficiency increases GST earnings per minute. From Level 0 to Level 29, users can ONLY earn GST. At Level 30, users can opt to continue earning GST or switch to GMT, with free switching between modes.

  3. Sneaker’s Comfort Attribute - Higher Comfort increases GMT earnings per minute. Options between GST and GMT earnings become available at Level 30. Users can switch between these two earning modes freely. For GMT releasing detail, refer to the Tokenomic section. Higher comfort also slows HP decay, refer to HP System section for more detail.

  4. Speed of Movement - Optimal speed range maximises earnings. Falling below or above this range reduces earnings by up to 90%, depending on the speed deviation.

Once Energy depletes, token earning stops. Users can continue their activity or exit their session by holding down the Stop button.

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