Achievements & Badges

The Achievement system is designed to offer users additional challenges. Upon completing these challenges, users are awarded an Achievement Badge. This badge serves as proof of achievement that could be used for future airdrops and offers various perks.


Achievements, along with their associated Badges or Titles, will be continuously introduced in future seasons. Some of them come in five qualities, each defined by specific completion criteria.

NOTE: If you have an earned but unclaimed badge, and then purchase the same badge, the 'unlocked' status of the badge will reset, meaning you will need to re-earn the badge. To avoid complications, please refrain from purchasing badges you have already unlocked.


There are two types of Achievements, giving different Achievement Badges:

  • Individual Achievements: These are awarded for reaching specific milestones. Badges obtained from Individual Achievements are non-tradable, with the exception of Lucky/Unlucky badges.

  • Meta Achievements: Awarded for completing a series of Individual Achievements. Badges obtained from completing Meta Achievements are tradable.

Acquiring achievements

Achievements are not automatically granted once a user meets the achievement criteria.

  1. Once the achievement criteria are met, users can acquire the Achievement/Badge/Title by spending Achievement points.

  2. Users accumulate Achievement points through the consumption of GMT.

  3. A variety of Achievements can be obtained without the need to spend Achievement points.

Buying Sneaker Background

Achievement points can be used to purchase a Sneaker Background. To do so, simply tap the Background emplacement from the Home Page to enter the purchase page.

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