Change Log

9th Jan 2022 Update

  • Shoe-Minting has a 48 hours cool down for both Vintage Sneakers.

  • Mystery Box does not always contain loots, and if a player reaches the daily GST Cap, the player will not receive GST from the Mystery Box exceeding the daily GST Cap.

  • Activation code is available in-app, each STEPN player has a certain amount of Activation Code they can give to their friends and family. After the player gives out all of the Activation Codes, for each 10 Energy spent in STEPN, the player will be able to generate one extra Activation Code.

  • Update the Energy calculation formula.

14th Jan 2022 Update

  • Overview update.

  • Fix wording: Comfortability to Comfort; player to user.

  • Change default credit from 2 to 3.

16th Jan 2022 Update

  • Clarify on Shoe-Minting cool down mechanic.

23rd Jan 2022 Update

  • Rare Sneaker Shoe-Minting now require GMT.

24th Jan 2022 Update

  • Add more explanation to the GST Base Return.

  • Add more explanation to the repair mechanism.

4th Feb 2022 Update

  • Comfort value replaces Efficiency to determine GMT Earning.

  • GST and GMT cannot be earned at the same time.

  • Change move2earn to move&earn.

  • Move&earn on GMT will halve every three years.

  • Add Customisation function.

  • Socket removal no longer costs GST.

  • Change Shoe-Minting cost.

  • Marathon Mode rewards both GST and GMT.

  • Marathon Mode rewards more participants.

  • Add Social-Fi elements/systems to the Whitepaper.

  • Gem upgrade needs GMT beyond Level 4.

  • Gem upgrade might fail between Level 1 - 5; if upgrade failed, Gems will be destroyed.

  • Change Socket Special Effect %.

  • Adding Sneaker Attribute Reset feature.

  • Trainer earning amended in the Whitepaper to reflect the actual Earning.

9th Feb 2022 Update

  • Mystery Box now drops GST, Gems (Level 1 – 2), NFT Sneakers (Common, Uncommon).

19th Feb 2022 Update

  • Sneaker’s optimal speed has been readjusted to be user-friendly.

  • Upon receiving Mystery Box, opening countdown starts automatically.

  • Gem System has been reworked. Adding Awakening Effect - a multiplier to Sneaker's Base Attribute.

  • Gem name has been reworked.

  • Gem upgrade has a chance to fail now, the lower the level, the higher the chance to fail.

  • Shoe-Minting cost has been reworked, first two mints now costs the same.

  • Shoe-Minting has a chance to drop one extra Shoeboxes, the higher the Mint count, the higher the chance to drop two Shoeboxes.

  • The 2% Marketplace Trading Fee will be reserved to the team to sustain its operation. No less than 5% of the Trading Fee will be given back to the STEPN ecosystem.

  • Sneaker quality drop rate from opening Shoeboxes has been adjusted.

  • Shoe-minting drop rate on Shoeboxes' quality has been adjusted.

5th Mar 2022 Update

  • Increase the Gem Upgrade success rate.

6th Mar 2022 Update

  • Clarify the Activation Code Rule.

  • Clarify the Resilience/Repair Cost Rule.

20th March 2022 Update

  • Update Anti-Cheating System section.

3rd April 2022 Update

  • Update GMT earning mechanics.

16th April 2022 Update

  • Add Inventory System under Other Systems.

  • Gem attributes and awakening effects have been permanently buffed.

  • Mystery Box waiting time has been permanently reduced (by 48 hours).

  • A base cost is added to open Mystery Box once the timer runs out.

25th April 2022 Update

  • Add Security page.

  • Add Co-branded Sneaker section under Sneakers.

  • Add Genesis Sneaker section under Sneaker.

  • Epic Sneaker minting is available now, Legendary Sneaker minting is still disabled.

  • Amend Carbon Offsetting page, STEPN has made its first $100k donation to carbon removal in April 2022.

  • Balance Shoe-minting cost by adding GMT cost and reducing GST cost.

  • Add Ecosystem fund section under Governance & Ecosystem fund.

2nd May 2022 Update

  • Shoe-minting cost for common Sneaker has change to 50% GST and 50% GMT.

9th May 2022 Update

  • Adjust Shoe-minting cost page.

16th May 2022 Update

  • Update Shoe-minting cost changing time.

  • Update 2FA section under Security.

  • Update Team's Profit page under Governance & Ecosystem fund.

  • Update Treasury address under Governance & Ecosystem fund.

  • Update the GST earning cap description under Game-Fi System.

6th June 2022 Update

  • Add download links to the Getting Start Page.

  • Add Mystery Box System Page to explain the new Mystery Box system.

  • Add more information to Anti-Cheating System Page of how STEPN’S Anti-Cheating System (SMAC) works.

  • Add GST Burning, Team Profit, Ecosystem Fund details to Governance & Ecosystem fund Page.

  • Update Energy System Page

  • Update Inventory System Page.

8th June 2022 Update

  • Change Minting Cooldown from 48 hours to 72 hours.

  • Increase Base Minting Cost and amend Dynamic Minting Cost.

  • Add more detail to Realm Page.

  • Add Sneaker Customization Page under Social-Fi Element.

  • Add NFT Burning System under Game-Fi Systems Page.

  • Add Decentralized Exchange Page.

15th June 2022 Update

  • The new Sneaker's Socket type table has been amended under Shoe-Minting Page.

  • Add Minting Scroll description under Shoe-Minting Page.

  • Amend Anti-cheating logic under Anti-cheating System Page.

  • Mystery Box now drops GST.

  • Add more detail to Genesis Sneaker under Sneakers Page.

21st June 2022 Update

  • Add Energy Bridge under Energy System Page.

  • Amend NFT Burning System Page.

6th July 2022 Update

  • Burned the Ecosystem fund to provide liquidity between SPL/BEP GMT and ERC-GMT.

18th July 2022 Update

  • Enhancement now requires Sneaker mint count >= 2.

  • Minting Cooldown has been reduced to 48 hours from 72 hours.

  • In extreme cases, Dynamic Shoe-Minting Cost could be changed multiple times a day.

  • Rephrase Energy Bridge under Realm to add clarity.

  • Add HP System under Game-Fi Systems Page.

  • Comfort value now affect HP decay rate.

26th July 2022 Update

  • Leveling from Level 24 to Level 25 will restore HP to full.

  • Clarify on how Energy Bridge works under Energy System Page.

15th August 2022 Update

  • Remove the 3-Energy requirement for GMT earning to simplify game-play.

  • Minting Scroll now is traded with SOL, BNB and ETH instead of GMT to reduce operating complexity.

  • Add Rainbow Sneaker section under Sneaker Page.

  • Add Rainbow Gem and Socket section under Gems and Sockets Page.

  • Add Attribute Points Redistribution System Page.

  • Add Fusion System Page.

  • Add GMT Earning Page.

  • Add Success Rate Increment System Page.

  • Add VIP System Page.

27th September 2022 Update

  • Change GMT earning halving mechanic - instead of linear halving, a cliff halving mechanic is used.

  • Change GMT earning halving mechanics - instead of 3 years halving, 2 years halving is used.

  • Change GMT earning settlement mechanics - instead of a 5 minutes settlement duration, 1 minute settlement duration is used.

  • Durability affects both Sneaker's GST/GMT earning efficiency.

12th October 2022 Update

  • Rainbow Sneaker is enabled.

1st November 2022 Update

  • Add GMT's additional utility Page.

6th December 2022 Update

  • Added Marketing expenditure explanation to Ecosystem fund.

  • Added Dark mode.

  • Update detail of how Inventory System works.

  • Update detail of how Mystery Box works.

  • Update Marketplace Page, as of 10th December 2022, all NFTs (Sneakers, Gems, Minting Scroll) prices will be in GMT.

20th February 2023 Update

  • Browser Marketplace update. Add primary sale function, and users can browse without the need to log in.

8th May 2023 Update

  • Update the Achievement Page to Achievement & Badge Page, removed Badge Page.

  • Add Special Sneaker Skin section under Sneaker Page.

24th May 2023 Update

  • Add Getting Help Page.

  • Modify the whitepaper to include iOS IAP Marketplace.

  • Add Ghost in the Shell Skin under the Permanent Skin collection.

14th June 2023 Update

  • Edit the Dynamic Minting Cost, the additional GMT cost is now determinted by the GST to GMT ratio, instead of GST price.

16th August 2023 Update

  • Moving above or below Optimal Speed will yeild sub-optimal return on both GST and Mystery Box.

  • Please note if you have an earned/unlocked BUT unclaimed badge, THEN buy the same badge, the badge's 'unlocked' status will reset. (You will have to re-earn the badge). To avoid issues, please do not purchase badges that you have already unlocked.

20th September 2023 Update

  • Add more permanent Skins.

  • Add explanation of how enhancement chance work.

15th November 2023 Update

  • Simplify the Genesis Number rule.

  • Rainbow Sneaker now has a minimum energy consumption of 6.

  • Update the Notification System.

  • Add "User PFP" and "Leaderboard" Page under Social System (Under Development...).

  • Add "Music System" under Other System.

20th November 2023 Update

  • Update GMT contract address on SOLANA/BNB CHAIN/ETHEREUM/POLYGON

26th Feb 2024 Update

  • Revamp the Whitepaper structure.

4th April 2024 Update

  • Remove Rainbow Plus and Rainbow Infinite. There will only be one Rainbow Pool now.

  • Remove the halving mechanic from the GMT earning.

  • Add "How to Receive a Rainbow Sneaker", now Uncommon Sneaker Enhancement can result a Rainbow Sneaker, and the chance is 5x compare to Common Sneaker Enhancement.

  • Modify the "Team's Profit" to broaden the scope of the use of the team's profit.

10th April 2024 Update

  • Update the Ecosystem Fund spending on Trailblazer Event 2024 in Governance & Ecosystem Fund Page.

3rd July 2024 Update

  • Update and implement the SMAC-7 Anti-Cheating Mechanism.

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