Shoe-Minting Event (SME) is a feature where users utilise two Sneakers as a blueprint to "breed", creating a Shoebox. These two Sneakers, referred to as Vintages (Parents), must have full durability to perform a SME.

To initiate an SME, users go to the Mint tab, select a Sneaker to “breed” with another, and press Mint. A Shoebox is instantly received and can be opened right away.

A Sneaker can be used in up to 7 SMEs, with the cost increasing for each additional SME based on the individual Vintage's SME count. Costs for both Vintages are calculated separately and then combined for the final Minting Cost.

Shoe-Minting has a 48-hour cool down for both Vintages – Sneakers can still be used for movement.

The first two SME cost the same. There is a chance to get an extra Shoebox during Minting. More Minting on a Sneaker increases the chance for multiple Shoeboxes.

Shoebox Quality is influenced by the Vintage Sneaker's Quality:

Users will get a new Sneaker once they open the Shoebox, with the Sneaker Quality influenced by the Shoebox Quality:

Note: Legendary Sneaker drop is disabled at the moment.

The new Sneaker type is influenced by the two Vintage Sneaker types:

The new Sneaker's Socket type is determined by two Vintage Sneakers' Socket types:

Shoe-Minting Variation

Sneaker Attributes are randomised based on Quality, independent of Vintage's Attributes.

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