The Marketplace is where users can sell/buy their NFT Sneakers, Badges, and Gems. To facilitate user navigation, the Marketplace features multiple filters and sort functionalities.

Trade System

Users can buy and sell NFT Sneakers, Shoeboxes, Minting Scrolls, Badges and Gems on the Marketplace.

  • iOS Platform: Users can access the Marketplace directly within the app, using Apple Pay to purchase the in-app currency SPARK. It's important to note that SPARK is restricted to in-app use within the Marketplace and cannot be transferred externally.

  • Android Platform: Marketplace access is also direct within the app for Android users.

  • Web Access: Alternatively, users can visit the for Marketplace transactions.

Important Note: Since 10th December 2022, Sneaker pricing within the Marketplace is set in GMT, with SOL/BNB/ETH required only for transaction gas fees.

Tax and Fee System

Tax and Fee System

The game implements a structured approach to taxing and applying fees for various in-app activities, as follows:

In-app ActivityTax (%)

Platform Fee


Royalty Fee*




*The Royalty Fee are payable to the NFT creators.

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