Definition and Purpose

A Realm in STEPN is essentially a server hosting a fork of the game, allowing users to experience the same gameplay in different digital environments. Realms can be built on new Layer 1 Blockchains or within STEPN's existing Blockchain. These are developed in collaboration with ecosystem partners to introduce new users and present fresh value propositions.

Each Realm offers significant freedom to define its brand and community culture, including:

  • Color themes

  • Visual aesthetics of the NFTs

  • Utility tokens

  • Unique narratives

Ecosystem partners can enjoy:

  • Sharing royalty fees

  • Enhancing engagement within their communities

  • Encouraging organic growth aligned with their core values

Utility Token Restrictions

In-game utility tokens are unique to each Realm and cannot be transferred between them.

Current STEPN Realms

  • Solana Realm: Based on the Solana blockchain.

  • BNB Realm: Based on the BNBChain.

  • APE Realm: Based on Ethereum.

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