Success Rate Increment System

Users have the opportunity to permanently increase success rates in the following areas by burning GMT. The increments are as follows:

  1. Gem Upgrades: Improve the success rate of all Gem upgrades by 1%

  2. Shoebox Quality: Improve the chance of obtaining a higher quality Sneaker from a Shoebox by 1%

  3. Double Sneakers from Shoe-Minting: Improve the success rate by 5% for receiving DOUBLE Sneakers from Shoe-Minting

Incremental Costs and Caps:

  • Users can burn GMT for each enhancement category a maximum of five times, with the cost for each subsequent burn increasing gradually.

Example of Enhanced Success Rates:

  • Gem Upgrade: If the original success rate for upgrading a Level 1 to Level 2 Gem is 35%, applying the improvement five times raises the success rate to 40%.

  • Double Mint from Shoe-Minting: Similarly, enhancing the chance to receive DOUBLE Sneakers from Shoe-Minting five times adds an additional 25% to the original success chance.

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