HP System

HP, or Health Points, represent the condition of a Sneaker. A freshly minted Sneaker starts with 100% HP. The HP declines as users spend Energy and actively use the Sneaker for movement. However, HP does not decrease when the Sneaker is solely used to generate Energy.

The Sneaker HP decay rate* is affected by:

  1. Comfort Value: Sneakers with higher Comfort values, achieved through base Comfort, levelling up, or adding Comfort Gems, experience slower HP reduction.

  2. Sneaker Quality: Higher quality Sneakers undergo slower HP reduction.

  3. Energy Usage: The more Energy used, the greater the HP reduction.

Note: A new Sneaker's HP remains stable for the first 48 hours after a Shoebox is opened. This grace period is voided if the Sneaker is transferred, listed, or traded within this timeframe.

HP restoration

HP needs to be restored via burning GST and Comfort Gems. The cost increases with the Sneaker's quality. Penalties for diminished HP are as follows:

HP < 100% = Sneaker cannot be listed on the Marketplace or transferred.

HP < 20% = Sneaker cannot be counted to provide Energy in that Realm.

HP = 0, Sneaker cannot be used for moving.

Note: Sneakers automatically restore to full HP upon levelling from Level 24 to Level 25.

Rainbow Sneaker HP Rules

Rainbow Sneakers' HP can’t be restored.

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