GST Cap/Mechanics

Earning Cap

There are two primary caps: the Daily Energy Cap and the Daily Token Cap, which limit the daily amount of Energy users can have, and the amount of tokens users can accumulate each day.

Daily Energy Cap

  • Users commence with 2/2 Energy.

  • The maximum Energy Cap is 20/20.

  • Energy can be increased by acquiring more or having higher-quality Sneakers. (Refer to Energy System)

Daily Token Cap

  • Users begin with a 5/5 Daily GST Cap.

  • The cap peaks at 300 GST.

  • The Daily Token Cap can be increased by levelling up Sneakers.

  • Users can permanently increase the GST cap beyond 300/300 by burning some GMT, an option that becomes available upon reaching 90% of the current Daily Cap.

There is NO earning cap for GMT.

Earning Mechanics

The GST earnings are influenced by several factors:

  1. Player's Average Speed

  2. PSE: Player's Sneaker Efficiency

  3. PSEC: Player's Sneaker Efficiency's Coefficient (Gem/Socket, NFT Badges)

  4. System value: Value set by the game developer, subject to change.

  5. Parameter: A range of system values

In essence, GST earnings are affected by:

  1. Total Energy

  2. Movement Speed

  3. Sneaker (Type, Attributes, Quality & Level)

  4. Gems (Type, Level & inserted Socket Quality)

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