Mystery Box System

Mystery Boxes, containing GST, Minting Scrolls and Gems (Levels 1 – 4), drop randomly during an activity. Each user has 4 Mystery Box slots.

Mystery Box has 10 qualities, with the opening countdown beginning automatically upon receipt. Opening costs a small amount of GST (Base cost) which increases with the box's quality.

Mystery Box drops are influenced by the following factors:

  1. PSL: Player Sneaker Luck

  2. PSLC: Player Sneaker Luck Coefficient (Gem/Socket, NFT badges)

In essence, the quality of a Mystery Box is affected by the amount of Energy used in a single session and the Sneaker's Luck value.

Transferring a Sneaker from a Spending Account to a Wallet, resulting in Energy reduction, will lead to the purging of all Mystery Boxes in that particular Realm.

Slots and Drop Rate

  • There are four Mystery Box slots available across all Realms. A new Mystery Box cannot be received until an existing slot is freed.

  • It's important to note that the drop rate for Mystery Boxes is not guaranteed.

  • Listing a Sneaker on the marketplace, resulting in Energy loss, does not lead to the burning or purging of Mystery Boxes.

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