Fusion System

The Fusion System allows users to potentially enhance all four base attributes of a Sneaker (Sneaker A) by burning another Sneaker (Sneaker B). The key requirement is that Sneaker A's quality must be equal to or higher than that of Sneaker B; Sneaker B's quality cannot surpass Sneaker A's.

As a result, if attempting to improve an Uncommon Sneaker A with a Common Sneaker B, Sneaker A retains its Uncommon quality but benefits from improved attributes of Sneaker B.

Attribute Improvement Mechanics:

  1. When B's attribute exceeds A's: The new base attribute for Sneaker A will be a random value between the base attributes of Sneakers A and B.

  2. When A's attribute exceeds B's: The base attribute of Sneaker A remains unchanged.

Examples of Attribute Fusion:

  • Efficiency A = 16, Efficiency B = 28: After burning B, the new Efficiency for Sneaker A could be any randomly selected value between 16 and 28 (e.g., 17, 20, or 27).

  • Efficiency A = 18, Efficiency B = 16: After burning B, the Efficiency attribute for Sneaker A remains at 18.

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