Governance & Ecosystem fund

GST Burning

All GST users spent in the app are burned daily from the Spending Account.

Team's Profit

The Platform Fee and Royalty Fee are reserved to the team to sustain its operation, no less than 5% of the Team's profit will be sent to the Ecosystem fund. Following are the Team's Profit on both Solana and BNBChain, which will be taken on daily basis:
Fee on Solana: Ffbor3Zx46oGPK59S7drZjcTSt8mygZGWc5qkcHLPtWV
Fee on BNBChain: 0xb7D0749a64345552Ef01fF54D6864202215A09a1


The other taxes collected by STEPN will be funneled into a Treasury pool, which will be up to the GMT staker to decide:
Voting Option
Profit Distribution
Generous Giver
70% Carbon Offsetting, 30% dividend
Reward voters’ GMT
Kind Giver
55% Carbon Offsetting, 45% dividend
Reward voters’ GMT
40% Carbon Offsetting, 60% dividend
Greedy Taker
25% Carbon Offsetting, 75% dividend
Burn voters’ GMT
Selfish Taker
10% Carbon Offsetting, 90% dividend
Burn voters’ GMT

Voting Power

By locking the staked GMT, users will get higher voting power:
Locking Period
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
3 years

Ecosystem fund (Treasury)

Every month, 0.3% of the total supply will be unlocked, which equals to 18,000,000 GMT. These GMT will be used to support building STEPN's global ecosystem. Unspent GMT will be held in the STEPN treasury.
Treasury address: stepnnmTZcdZQ6HDqUVoU6KcYP8kBAHKzyj2jpiiwaH