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Achievement & Badge System


Achievement system aims to provide additional challenges to users, upon completing the Achievement, users will get Achievement Badge, the badge could be used as future proof of airdrop and have various future perks.


Achievements will be continuously added in future seasons. Acheivement (and its associated Badge or Title) comes in five qualities, each with completion criteria.
NOTE: If you have an earned/unlocked BUT unclaimed badge, THEN buy the same badge, the badge's 'unlocked' status will reset. (You will have to re-earn the badge). To avoid issues, please do not purchase badges that you have already unlocked.


There are two types of Achievements:
INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Achievements from specific milestones.
META ACHIEVEMENTS: An achievement from accomplishing a range of individual achievements.
There are two types of Achievement Badges:
INDIVIDUAL BADGES: Badges obtained from Individual Achievements; non-tradable (except Lucky/Unlucky badges).
META BADGES: Badges from obtaining Meta Achievements; tradable.

Acquiring achievements

Achievements are not granted automatically once user meets the achievement criteria.
  1. 1.
    When achievement criteria is met, the Achievement/Badge/Title can be acquired through spending Achievement points.
  2. 2.
    Achievement points are accumulated by users through GMT consumption and events participation.
  3. 3.
    There are a range of Achievements that do not require spending Achievement points.

Buying Home Page background

User can spend Achievement points to buy Home Page background, just simply tab the background from Home Page to enter the buying page.