Fusion System

Burning a Sneaker B to have a chance to improve all 4 base attributes of Sneaker A. Sneaker A and B do NOT need to be the same quality, as long as Sneaker A’s quality is better or equal to Sneaker B’s quality (Sneaker B’s quality cannot be better than Sneaker A’s).
As a result, if users wants to improve the base attributes of an Uncommon Sneaker A with a Common Sneaker B, the final Sneaker will still be Uncommon but the attributes will be improved by Sneaker B.
The points of each attribute after Fusion will work as the following:
If the base attribute of B is higher than that of Sneaker A, then the new Sneaker will have a base attribute randomly selected between the base attribute of Sneaker A and Sneaker B;
If the base attribute of A is higher than that of B, then the number stays the same (as that of A)
For example:
Efficiency A = 16, Efficiency B = 28, burn B and you may get the new Efficiency A = 17 or 20 or 27 (it will be a randomly selected number between 16 and 28);
Efficiency A = 18, Efficiency B = 16, burn B and your Efficiency on Sneaker A will not change.