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Sneaker Attributes

  1. 1.
    Efficiency (GST Earning) – Solo Mode, Marathon Mode In Solo Mode, Efficiency plays a part in GST earnings. Having a higher Efficiency Attribute will result in better GST earnings per Energy spent. In Marathon Mode, higher Efficiency leads to a faster accumulation of Leaderboard points.
  2. 2.
    Luck (Mystery Box) – Solo Mode, Sneaker Rental (Coming Soon) Luck determines the frequency and quality of a Mystery Box drop. Users are also able to receive Mystery Box drops while their Sneakers are leased out.
  3. 3.
    Comfort (GMT Earning) – Solo Mode, Marathon Mode, Staking/Governance (Under Development) In Solo Mode, Comfort affects the decay rate of HP, and GMT earning. 1. When HP < 100% = Sneaker cannot be listed on Marketplace or transferred away. 2. When HP < 20% = Sneaker cannot be counted to provide energy in that Realm.
    3. When HP = 0, Sneaker cannot be used for moving.
  4. 4.
    Resilience (Durability/Repair) – Solo Mode, Marathon Mode
    In Solo Mode, Resilience affects the decay rate of Durability. Higher Resilience will result in a slower Durability decay. The higher the Sneaker's level or quality, the higher the repair cost. Durability is a Sneaker’s “stamina” bar. As a user moves, Durability will decrease. Sneakers receive a “worn-out” penalty at 2 Durability touch points:
    1. 1.
      At 50/100 Durability, Sneaker's GST/GMT earning efficiency drops to 90%
    2. 2.
      At 20/100 Durability, Sneaker's GST/GMT earning efficiency drops to 10%
In Marathon Mode, resilience will allow users to earn more points as their Sneaker will stay above the “worn-out” penalty mark longer.
NOTE: Moving above or below Optimal Speed will yeild sub-optimal return on GST and Mystery Box.

Sneaker Types

There are four Sneaker types, each designed to suit a different exercise intensity and/or fitness level:
Optimal Speed (km/hr)
Example Return at Optimal Speed
1 - 6
4 GST / 1 Energy spent
4 - 10
5 GST / 1 Energy spent
8 - 20
6 GST / 1 Energy spent
1 - 20
4 - 6.25 GST / 1 Energy spent
Users’ GST return is not static, and several factors may cause it to fluctuate:
  1. 1.
    Sneaker Efficiency (Low Durability affects Efficiency).
  2. 2.
    GPS signal/External Environment - users will earn less if GPS signal is poor.
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Sneaker Quality

There are five Sneaker qualities. When a Sneaker is minted, the value of each Attribute will be chosen at random within the min. and max. values according to Sneaker quality. As such, even Sneakers of the same quality may have vastly different Attribute distributions.
Min. Attribute
Max. Attribute

Sneaker Level

Users can level up their Sneakers by burning GST, with GMT being required at certain milestones. Each level-up takes a fixed time to complete, which increases along with the amount of GST and GMT required according to the Sneaker level. This process can be made faster/boosted up by using even more GST.
GMT is currently required to level a Sneaker to Level 5, 10, 20, Level 29 and 30.
Upon level-up, users will attain 4 - 12 additional Attribute points to assign according to their Sneaker quality.
Attribute Point/Level up
Additional perks will be unlocked upon reaching certain level milestones:
Triggered Event
Level 5
Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5
Unlocks Shoe-minting
Level 10
Unlocks Sneaker Lease function
Level 10
Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15
Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20
Unlocks Socket 4
Level 25
Restore HP to full
Level 30
Unlocks GMT earning
At max level, user needs to choose between earning GST or GMT. Switching between GST/GMT earning is allowed, but will be subject to a cooldown duration.

Co-branded Sneaker

STEPN works with top Sneaker brands to release co-branded Sneaker:

Genesis Sneaker

Genesis Sneakers have IDs that start with a "G", followed by a number between 1 to 20,000. Genesis sneakers may be found across different STEPN realms.
It is important to note Genesis Sneaker is different from OG Sneaker, which are short numbered Sneaker airdropped to Genesis Sneaker holder from time to time. OG Sneaker does not have the "G" mark, and does not have Genesis Sneaker Perk.
For example, OG Sneaker on BNBChain are Sneaker #20,001 - 30,000. OG Sneaker on Ape Realm are Sneaker # 40,001 - 60,000.

Rainbow Sneaker

Rainbow Series Sneakers (Rainbow, Rainbow Plus and Rainbow Infinite) can only earn GMT.
All Rainbow Sneakers are Trainers (1-20km/hr). All Rainbow Sneakers contribute to users' total Energy exactly like a Common Sneaker (<20% HP will cease to provide Energy).
Rainbow Sneakers have no Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, or Resilience. All Rainbow Sneakers start with 100%, unrestorable HP, and HP diminishes with energy consumption (ALL Rainbow Series Sneaker share an equal HP diminish rate). Rainbow sneakers with 0% HP can no longer earn GMT.
There will be 4 slots for Rainbow Gems on each Rainbow Sneaker. Removing Gems from Rainbow Sneakers will burn/destroy the Gems.
The Rainbow Sneaker does not have Minting Function, nor Level up, or Repair. The Rainbow Sneaker can only be sold or transferred when the HP is 100%. Rainbow Sneakers cannot be used in Sneaker Enhancement, and does not drop Mystery Boxes.
Rainbow Sneaker only have two attributes, Rainbow Power and HP.
Rainbow Power
Rainbow Sneaker under the same Series have the same Rainbow Power. Higher Rainbow Power results in higher GMT earning efficiency. Only Rainbow Gems can increase Rainbow Power further.
HP Every 20% reduction in HP results in a proportional reduction of total Rainbow Power (Sneaker + Gem):
HP ≧ 80% = 100% Rainbow Power
60% < HP < 79% = 80% Rainbow Power
40% < HP < 59% = 60% Rainbow Power
20% < HP < 39% = 40% Rainbow Power
0% < HP < 19% = 20% Rainbow Power
HP = 0% = 0% Rainbow Power
Minimum Energy The Rainbow Sneaker has a minimum energy consumption requirement of 6. Using the Rainbow Sneaker with less than 6 energy will result in an equivalent reduction in HP as if 6 energy were consumed.

Special Sneaker Skin

Special Sneaker Skin acquired from Enhancement and Marketing events comes in two types:
Temporary Skins
· ASICS 1&2
· Atletico Madrid
· SaasGo
· Hypesaints
· World Cup event
· Xmas + NY: Letters, Socks, Sneakers
Permanent Skins
· All the skins listed in the Temporary Skins list above are permanent skins.
Temporary Skin will be lost if the same Sneaker are used for further Sneaker enhancement, Permanent Skin will be kept if the same Sneaker are used for further Sneaker enhancement.